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Etnologia Slovaca et Slavica 40, 2019


Tradition has been one of the most important terms in ethnographic research, but also in the broader context of social sciences. Since ethnology and socio-cultural anthropology emerged in the mid-19th century, they paid attention to various aspects of cultural transmission, where tradition played a central role. In western countries, social or cultural anthropology began as an attempt to describe and understand non-western societies, considered to be traditional; and the early anthropological theories were aimed to explain typically traditional ways of thinking and behaving. In Slovakia and other countries of Central Europe, domestic tradition has been the main object of inquiry in ethnology until the fall of the communist regime, when social scientists’ attention has shifted to newly emerging research topics related to contemporary society. Yet, the concept of tradition is still essential for ethnological studies. Although this concept now appears in relation to various issues in new contexts, it is often used as self-evident and has not been widely discussed. The prepared volume of Etnologia Slovaca et Slavica is aimed to draw attention to a complex nature of tradition as an analytical category and to invoke theoretical debates which would be supported by empirical data.

The editors invite analytic, theoretical or synthetic articles, research reports, essays and discussions in the fields of ethnology, social and cultural anthropology and related scholarly disciplines, focused especially (not, however, exclusively) on the following issues:

  • • The concept of tradition and cultural transmission
  • • Emic and etic understanding of tradition
  • • Tradition and collective memory
  • • Tradition and stereotypes
  • • Tradition and narratives
  • • Oral and literary tradition
  • • Tradition and ethnic groups
  • • Tradition and religion
  • • Tradition and material culture
  • • Tradition and cultural heritage
  • • Tradition and family
  • • Traditional customs and rituals
  • • Commemoration rituals
  • • The use of folklore in politics
  • • Tradition and globalisation: local and global traditions

Submission guidelines: please follow the guidelines for submissions as given on the website of Ethnologia Slovaca et Slavica, http://etnologiauk.sk/en/instructions-for-authors/

Please send your abstract as an e-mail attachment to the editors, at fif.eses@uniba.sk, until 28. 2. 2018

Final date for papers: 30. 5. 2018

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